How to Prep a Wall for New Plumbing


Expel the Old Plaster

Make sense of where new pipes will run so you know the amount of the divider should be evacuated, and check the region.

Put drop fabrics down to secure the new underlayment while evacuating the old mortar and machine.

Expel the old mortar and machine utilizing a pry bar and mallet. Be cautious for electrical and gas lines.

Tidy up garbage as you go to keep tidy out of whatever is left of the house.

Introduce Fire Blocks

Note: To keep a fire from spreading up to the upper room, Ryan introduces a fire piece. Old dividers are open as far as possible up through a house. To keep fire from spreading, introduce fire obstructs between studs in the divider.

Measure the space between the studs and cut 2×4″ pieces to fit. You may need to indent out for channels or wires.

Ensure the squares fit cozy, pound into put.

Toe-nail them into studs on the two sides.

Cut the Drywall Pieces

Have a handyman run new water lines and a gas line.

While the divider is open, check where the studs are so you know where to join drywall screws. It will likewise prove to be useful later when you are attempting to grapple cupboards.

Cut 1/2″ drywall pieces to shut everything down divider, check and cut out water funnels, electrical boxes and gas line association.

Secure and Finish the Drywall

Tighten the drywall utilizing 1/2″ drywall screws.

Tape the creases with self-cement fiberglass tape.

Mud the joints and screw openings with joint compound and mudding blade. Let dry.

Sand the mudded zone smooth utilizing a sanding piece.