How to Turn a Kitchen Backsplash into a Message Board

Make a Template

Make a format of the backsplash utilizing darker kraft paper, a marker and a measuring tape. Make a point to catch the correct size of the backsplash. Utilize scissors or an utility blade to cut the paper with the goal that the outside edge will be the edge for the Plexiglas. Lay the paper format onto the Plexiglas and tape it down with painter’s tape. (Try not to expel the plastic covering from the Plexiglas — you would prefer not to harm or scratch it.) Use a marker and a confining square to painstakingly layout the format, including electrical boxes.

Make a Clear Outline on Plexiglas

Expel the paper format and go over the lines again with a marker and encircling square to guarantee straight lines and appropriate estimations.

Score and Snap Plexiglas

Utilize a Plexiglas scoring blade and a drywall square as a manual for score the Plexiglas along the stamped lines. You should score it profoundly and after that turn it over and do it on the opposite side.

When you have scored the two sides, put the scored line along the edge of a table (not a round-edge table) and delicately wiggly forward and backward until the point that the Plexiglas snaps. Try not to constrain it; on the off chance that it doesn’t effortlessly break, you should score it some more. Another alternative is to utilize a jigsaw to cut the Plexiglas.

Cut Out Extra Shapes

Twofold check the estimations for the electrical outlets or whatever else inside the focal point of the Plexiglas. Stamp the cut-outs at that point penetrate the sides of the shape, at that point utilize a jigsaw or a scoring blade to remove the shape.

Paint the Wall

Before appending the Plexiglas, paint the backsplash; we painted our own dark. Two coats might be fundamental. Give it a chance to dry totally.

Follow the Plexiglas

Expel the plastic wrap from the two sides of the Plexiglas. Place the Plexiglas onto the backsplash and apply clear glue caulk along the edges to keep it set up.

Get Creative

Utilize a chalk marker or painter’s marker to have a ton of fun drawing and composing on your new backsplash.

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